Who are you?

How often have you said “I just want to feel like me again”, do any of the following sound like you?


You are Independent

You are reserved and comfortable being alone. You are confident in your decision making, self-sufficient and good at problem solving. You don’t need anyone but you struggle with the balance to be left alone and a desire to be included. You want to ask for help but don’t know how. Sometimes it can be too much to be surrounded by other people and you long for a peaceful mind. I can help.




You are Existing

You are creative, visionary and have great ideas but often ask yourself  “ What am I doing with my life?”. You find yourself consumed by these thoughts and either you haven’t found the life you want or you’re living one that doesn’t feel right. You feel pressure to “make it” and try to overachieve at life but feel utterly uninspired. Deep down you know you CAN do amazing things – but you don’t know where to start. I can help.




You are Strong

You’re the person everyone comes to in a crisis, you are full of words of wisdom and always know what to do. However you’ve realised when you need someone, you have no one. Whenever you try to talk about you, it always ends up back talking about them. You think other people are worse off than you, so you always put your needs second. It’s time to put yourself first. I can help.




You are Empty

You feel nothing, you go through the daily motions but it’s just numb. You long to feel something, anything again. You are consumed by so much you feel so little. You’re ready to lift the lid on everything you’ve buried deep even though you know it may open the flood gates. I can help.




You are Searching

You have lost something, maybe your identity, a significant other or a part of you. You are unsure where you fit in this world now. You had it all together, you had everything and now it’s gone. Where do you go from here? I can help.





You are Worried

You feel like your mind is running a marathon, you long for a peace. You aren’t eating, sleeping or even functioning some days. You feel you’re a burden to your friends and family. You wish you could make the endless thoughts stop, you can’t even remember why you were worried in the first place. I can help.




You are a Workaholic

You are inspiring, respected and make connections easily in work, everything seems easy and simple. However in your personal life, it’s a completely different story, you’re unable to maintain a relationship. You know you’re a catch, so why can’t you find the one? You avoid your personal life, so throw all your attention into your professional life. I can help.




You are a new Mum

You have made the miracle of life, but in becoming a mother you have lost who you are. You feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re sleep deprived and questioning everything. You just want to feel like you again. I can help.





You are Emotional

You are empathic and care deeply for everyone in your life. But, you can't stop reacting emotionally to every situation, your throat hurts from the constant lump and you just want to control your emotions. You can't help it, you just start crying at everything and don't know why. I can help.





You are Ambitious

You’re intelligent, logical and wise. You are respected for your loyalty, patience and accuracy. You like to be in control  yet most of the time you feel out of control. From the outside you look like you have everything together, and you appear as if you do, but feels like it could all fall apart any second. You’ve noticed your relationships, work life and ability to get things done has started to slip. You don’t know what to do. I can help.




You are Disconnected

You are approachable, friendly and built a network of friends and family. You go through the motions but you feel stuck in the same day, every day, bored with life. You’re not getting what you need from your relationships, career or daily life. You don't feel connected to the world or your body. You want things to change but you have no idea where to start. I can help.




You are Weak

You’re caring and considerate and you tend to put other people’s needs before your own. You have no self control or will power, you instantly regret your actions and blame yourself for not “being stronger”. You wish you knew how to be more in control of your life. I can help.




None of the above? Don't worry, I can still help you