Our Story

A note from Maxine

I'm Maxine, founder of the UK’s first therapy based boxes, here to make therapy accessible to everyone by delivering it direct to your doorstep!

Whilst training to be a counsellor I realised very quickly that the mystic art of therapy could be broken down into a series of topics and all people need is a simple guide to follow to become their own therapist.

I also discovered that a lot of clients waste their counselling sessions, not intentionally, but because they were unable to understand what they were feeling and would take multiple sessions to discover how they really felt, what they really wanted and what needed to change. I want to make this process quicker and easier for everyone.

Therapy Unboxed will help you identify what you want to work on and help you create your own solutions from the comfort of your home.

I still recommend speaking to a professional if you struggle to resolve your issues once you have identified them – and I offer online therapy services.

We are here to help you unbox your mind and guide your journey of self-discovery.