Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is a session?

A: The duration of a session is 50minutes, You will be amazed at how quickly the time passes.


Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: This is completely up to you and your decision, some clients have a few sessions (less than 6) others need longer (20+). I work with both short-term specific issues and more complex long-term issues. You will know when it is time to stop counselling based on how you feel or your circumstances may change. My aim is to make you no longer need me or counselling, I want you to learn how to manage your own issues.


Q: How often will I need to see you?

A: The recommended frequency for therapy is weekly, this allows you to make progress between the sessions. However, dependent on your circumstances and aims from therapy we may agree to meet fortnightly or monthly. And towards the end of your therapy sessions we will move to fortnightly and then monthly if required.


Q: How quickly can I book a session?

A: This depends on how many other clients I currently have. I will contact you to book a consultation call within 24 hours of you submitting an enquiry. Following the consultation call, I would aim to book your session at a time that suits you, and dependent on your availability this should be within 2 weeks of your consultation call.


Q: What if I need to cancel or re-arrange?

A: Life happens and you may not be able to make a session. Ideally, I ask that you let me know 48 hours before your session, as this enables me to offer your slot to another client. However, this may not always be possible and last minute issues may arise on the day. If this happens more than twice, I will need to charge you for the third missed session as I am unable to offer the time to another client at short notice.


Q: What if I’m not sure if I’m ready?

A: Everyone is different, and you may not feel ready to talk about your issues. This is very common and I’d recommend booking a consultation call so we can discuss your options. I want you to find the right therapist for you and get the support you need. I understand that may not be me or you may not be ready yet.